Mark your calendars! On Thursday, December 7th, beginning at 6 p.m., the Rev. Scott Bullock from First United Methodist Church, New Iberia, will give a presentation on “How to Prepare for Christmas.” The liturgical season of Advent is the Christian’s way to prepare for Christmas. Rev. Scott Bullock will teach us some very practical ways we can engage in some serious preparations for Christmas, and in the process, perhaps catch some of that “Christian Spirit.”
The Vestry, in conjunction with the Faith & Fun Committee, is inviting everyone to participate in Epiphany’s Pot Luck and Presentations, which will be a new way for us to engage in Adult Christian Formation. My hope is that we will have four or five offerings of this nature throughout the course of the year. 
Come and be a part of this new beginning in Adult Christian Formation here at Epiphany.