This class is for anyone interested in being confirmed or received into The Episcopal Church when Bishop Jake Owensby makes his annual visitation to The Church of the Epiphany on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

In order to prepare individuals for confirmation/reception, Fr. Matt will teach a class on Sunday afternoons in the Vestry Room. Please note that the time of the class is 12:30 p.m., and will begin immediately after Sunday Hospitality.

This class will focus on what it means to be Episcopalian. We will also learn about the structure of our church, the sacraments (especially Baptism and Eucharist), and the Book of Common Prayer.

If you would like a refresher course, or to learn what our church teaches in our current Prayer Book of 1979, you are most welcome to participate in the class, even if you have already been confirmed.

The dates for the classes are as follows: February 5th, and February 12th.

We will meet for an hour and a half each of these Sundays in the Vestry Room. Please let Katherine know if you will be preparing for Confirmation or Reception.

Thank you,

Fr. Matt.