Dear Friends,

Our hearts have been rent by the images and stories of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction in Texas. Many in our Diocese fear for family and friends in the storm’s path. Responses from our congregations have been swift and generous, whether through Episcopal Relief and Development or other services.

Now Harvey has turned toward Louisiana. Schools and offices have been closed in several of our parishes. Floodwaters are encroaching on some homes and businesses in the south and west. We wait together not only to see what this storm brings but also to discern how to be most helpful to those in need.

Our Disaster Relief Coordinator Deacon Lois Maberry has been hard at work for days preparing and coordinating responses and providing resources. I have been communicating with clergy in charge of our congregations to stay informed about all of you. You are in my prayers for safety. Together we will get through this and bring aid to those in need.

We have received notes and phone calls of support from around the Church. The Presiding Bishop, my fellow bishops, and fellow Episcopalians around the country are praying for us and offering their support. I’m sure you share my gratitude.

May our holy and gracious God guide, guard, and comfort us through this storm. And may our common hope sustain us in the weeks ahead as we begin the work of recovery.


The Rt. Rev. Jacob W. Owensby, PhD, DD
4th Bishop of Western Louisiana

Dear Friends,

As many of you are aware, Hurricane Harvey has brought catastrophic devastation to the Texas Gulf Coast and now threatens parts of Louisiana. The storm’s path has left coastal communities in ruins, and the remnants of Harvey continue to effect the Houston area with incredible amounts of rain. Much of Houston and eastern Texas are underwater.

In the Diocese of West Texas alone, Harvey’s force left coastal communities in ruins, now without power or infrastructure, and it may take weeks for those to be restored. We know there are many people concerned about the communities that have been affected, and everyone wants to know how they can help.

How to Help

Donate to Episcopal Relief & Development’s Hurricane Harvey Fund and provide emergency assistance to people recovering from the impact of flooding after this major storm. Your generous support will supply critical necessities for communities immediately and for the long-term as they recover and rebuild.

To donate to the Episcopal Relief & Development’s Hurricane Harvey Fund, click here.

To donate to the Diocese of Texas, click here.

(All donations made to the Diocese of Texas will directly support their churches that are serving as shelters to flood victims and evacuees.)

To donate to the Diocese of West Texas, click here.

In Our Diocese

As the storm moves more into this state over the following days, the damage to Louisiana will grow worse. The Episcopal Relief and Development provides resources on how to prepare for disasters. While there is still time, I urge you to reach out and provide assistance to those who are most vulnerable in your churches and communities.

Stay safe, stay dry, and keep in touch.

In Christ’s Love,

The Rev. Deacon Lois Maberry
Disaster Relief Officer
Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana